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Razzle Dazzle

This three-storey house sits on the land in an L-shape and speaks in a language of layers.
At first, we opened up the house completely, and then we slowly started covering it again. We drew inspiration from fine fabrics and lace.

Projects Location

Ramat Hasharon

Year of Completion



Shai Epstein


Trees, perforated screens, and curtains were used to create the different layers.

This allowed us to create a precious world inside. The light meets the interior and creates a game of projection and reflection. Each surface- the wooden floors, the ceiling, the walls, the concrete- plays this game differently.

At night the house turns into a glowing lantern that marks where this family lives. It influences the atmosphere in the garden and in a larger scale, impacts the quality of the urban space.

These clients care about good aesthetics, good style and are aware of the responsible position of this house, on the corner of two streets.

The floors of this house are also set in layers. Sometimes it is not clear which floor is the ground floor- on one corner of the plot ground floor touches the land. On the opposite corner, it is the basement that does so. It is into this same corner that visitors first arrive and get to see where both worlds meet.

The upper floor is like a weighty box that rests on a glass cube. It encloses the children’s domain and the parents' suite. It provides a fitting world of intimacy, security, and privacy.

Also in the design of the garden, we see layers. Some trees rise up from the basement and some from the ground floor. The garden is composed of different levels of heights. This brings depth to the house.

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