I was born next to a circus tent, on the second floor, with a palm tree in the garden, in the White City. He is wild and loose, whereas she is quality and restrained. And where am I standing?


Every Saturday strolling the main street, passing the shops to the zoo. There the world is changing. Away from the city, from the smells and noises, you have reached a new world.


All the animals get names of people I know, the personification that my mother does. Most of my childhood has been through dreams and extreme visions of reality, while my parents are trying to keep me on the lane.


Hidden imagination was, and remains, a central part of my life. It came out and burst only when I grew up and started working as an architect.


As I see it, my fantasy stories come out on paper in the form of lines, textures, colors, materials, shapes….. 


In my mindset nothing is inherent, it can usually be and it can never be. It is my ability to get nearer to the idea, a person, flower, builder, a man and eventually falling in love with the subject.


It has to pass through this excitement…… If there’s no flutter, nothing will happen…. I rummage through the sack inside, more and more….. and I can’t find anything…..  


But then it happens. In seconds! When a chemical in the brain begins to work and the story begins to emerge…..


Like every story, it begins as a puzzle and then there is a turnaround. Things no longer look like they looked at first. It can be funny, but also dark and obsessive, scary even……


After the idea was found, there are interpreters who know me, watch over me and help connect reality and existing tools to make that story muscular and existing.


That’s it!


I believe what people need is a meaningful life with a dose of excitement. As no one is like the other, what surrounds us cannot be, in terms of space…. be the same.


In a meaningful space and with the appropriate consolation….. life can be in the right music.

Hilla Havkin

 The Story

Conceptual Images


We use a rich variety of images for ‘catching' and communicating metaphoric concepts. This way we pinpoint our clients about the story that we build around them.


The images that we use are sometimes ours and some are images that are freely available on the web. 

If it is your picture that we use and you don’t like it… We’ll happily take it out.


Hristiyana Vassileva


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graphic designer

industrial designer

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industrial designer

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office manager