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I am Hilla. I’m an architect and a designer, and apparently, the founder and owner of this studio. 

My bachelor's degree is in Biology (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), I then moved to Tel-Aviv, and its University, and enrolled to the School of Architecture, from which I graduated in 1999.

And I've been designing ever since.

We plan and design residential, commercial, and public buildings, furniture, and other habitat-related products.

Furthermore, I think I've thought about design (or looked at the world from a designer’s point of view), years before I learned what design was. Throughout my childhood I strolled the streets of Tel-Aviv, captured sights, smells and sounds from all around, and gave my imagination the liberty to envision how the world around me could be re-shaped according to my mind, transformed into a gentler, more colorful and improved version of itself. I would find the humor in every detail, and this would ignite my imagination, transforming it into a vision in my mind, and becoming a unique concept.
Adults around me, claimed I was a dreamy child, I guess they weren't wrong. I hope I still am.

The one common thread between all the projects we deal with, is our passion for them.

We love what we do.

Conceptual Images
We use a rich variety of images for ‘catching' and communicating metaphoric concepts. This way we pinpoint our clients about the story that we build around them.
The images that we use are sometimes ours and some are images that are freely available on the web. 
If it is your picture that we use and you don’t like it… We’ll happily remove it.

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