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Mono is the name of two twin-benches, each made of one block of marble.
The Mono twins describe our feeling when standing in front of a huge piece of stone, fresh from the quarry.


Resembling a chunk of stone recently quarried from its enormous, glorious source in nature. The only way to detach a piece of marble from the mountain is through a small crack that grows and grows, opens up splitting them apart, until they’re divided and eventually separated.

The two different Mono benches tell this story.

One of them has a diagonal cut from both sides.

The other has a diagonal crack running from one side to the other; This crack is accentuated by a metal element running along it.

Mono is a significant bench in any space. Like monoliths in nature, it is one heavy marble unit, with cuts and folds as the breaking lines, creating a strong meaningful impact.

Mono can be used for sitting and for displaying objects, but like a monolith, it dominates the space around it, just by being itself.

When Mono is placed in a room, nothing else is needed.

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