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House on the Lake

This design for a new building in the lake of the National Park refers to the existing, old restaurant structure from the 1960s.

Projects Location

National Park, Ramat Gan

open competition - Winner, 1st place 


in collaboration with 

Ecker-Michael architects


It consists of 2 white rings-one on top of the other.  The two rings are connected on land, and open up like a clam.  A multi purpose hall is located in the space formed between them, and can be used as a restaurant, concert hall or a ceremony venue.  The top ring acts as an extension to the park and is open to the public 24/7.  People can walk around it, enjoy the view, play in the water fountains or watch a concert held on the wooden bridge on the lower level.  This bridge-system also leads to the restaurant and, like the rest of the structure, is elevated above the water, high enough for wildlife to pass under it.

The design won first place in an open competition held by Ramat-Gan's municipality for its 100th anniversary.



Udi Meller

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