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V 46

Ramat Hasharon, Israel (2015)

private house, under construction

On this deep and narrow plot we were commissioned to design a house plus “Olympic” pool. 

We chose to position the pool alongside the ground floor program, in such way that water accompanies you everywhere. Like you and your shadow, functions exist in pairs: the dining and the water, the cooking and the water, the stairs and the water, the salon and the water. When you get to the entrance of the garden, you’ll meet with the pool. The reflections in the water and the view until the end of the land will give you an experience of infinity. 

A concrete C-shaped sculpture is positioned above the ground floor. There it covers both the living area and the pool. It actually creates a space in which both coexist. Inside the sculpture, we see a wooden piece of furniture that contains bedrooms and bathrooms.

Architecture :

Hilla Havkin,

Peter  P. Ausems,

Hristiyana Vassileva

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