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Ramat Hasharon, Israel (2013)

private house, 
havkin architects
havkin architects
havkin architects
havkin architects
havkin architects

All what is revealed about it’s existence is a gate with a name and an address. The house gives to the client the experience of security that he loves so much.

When this neighbourhood was parcelled out, all narrow and deep plots were divided in two, resulting in houses located in first position or second position. The Shu-Shu house is a house in second position and is fully back-to-back attached to the house in first position. It remains unseen from the road, just a private lane unlocks the house to the public road. An arrangement of small and larger roof lights throws beams of sunlight into the actual entrance area of the house. Circular light spots are dancing their way through the day, over walls and floors and walls. Until night falls.

There is an immense quality in the created contrast between the imposed hectic of daily life and the oasis of quiet and safety, that is hidden behind the gate. Located in a compact urban setting, surrounded by walls, this large, spacious and sunny home is a perfect fit for a relaxed, down-to-earth and rational family. A strategically positioned glass office, allows monitoring the comings and goings of the house, which simply completes the experience of security.

Architecture :

Hilla Havkin,

Peter P. Ausems








Photography :

Shai Epstein

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