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Tel Aviv, Israel

interior design, completed
havkin architects
havkin architects
havkin architects
Shai Epstein photography

This small Bauhaus rooftop apartment in the heart of old Tel Aviv has become a weekend getaway. There are no clear borders between functionalities: spaces develop from one to the next, without separation walls. It expresses the atmosphere of freedom that the clients enjoyed so much on a long visit in the Far East. 

The entrance to the apartment is through a dark wardrobe that is hanging on an external wall. A lofty space connects to a big balcony that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the roofs of Tel Aviv. White brick walls and purple vintage terrazzo works connect with the history of this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage building. An exposed shower that is in the heart of the space, is another expression of freedom so much desired by the clients. An extended purple counter holds both the sink where we brush our teeth, as well as everything required for the preparing of a light meal. Whereas the dining area is the most intimate, the most secret is the toilet. A panel in the wall brings you to another world: a forest, full with birds. It happened when you were not looking for it.

Inspiration is taken from C.S. Lewis’ story the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, in which Kingdom Naria is being controlled by an ice princess, named the White Witch. A key line in the book says: “But don’t go trying the same route twice. Indeed, don’t try to get there at all. It will happen when you are not looking for it”. The entrance door is a cabinet, the kitchen is a bathroom, the salon is a bedroom, a cabinet is a toilet. It is never just what it looks like. We need to save the kingdom by making the lion control it.

Interior design :

Hilla Havkin

Peter P. Ausems












Photography :

Shai Epstein

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