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Tel Aviv, Israel (2017)

interior design, completed
R17 living room
R17 entrance
R17 hallway
R17 living room
R17 bathroom
R17 guest toilet
R17 bathroom
R17 gallery
R17 columns
R17 art collector's home

How Atlas, god of endurance holds up the sky for eternity, we see the naked construction of Rothschild 17 holding up an entire tower and we decided to show it as a valued sculptural element. In our office, we relate to a building as a body and a soul. So we took it a step further and treat this apartment like a human body: a skin for a glass facade, a skeleton for the construction and a heart plus internal organs in the core. The core of the building, with its elevators and stairs, is alive and pumping: people, water, electricity, sewer, air… In our apartment the tissue of the core is unique and organic.

Architecture :

Hilla Havkin

Peter P. Ausems

Hristiyana Vassileva

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