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An exhibition of Frida Kahlo's paintings led to a further investigation of her life and work.  One of the sentences used to describe Kahlo's marriage to Diego Rivera was "It is like a wedding between an elephant and a dove". This sparked the inspiration for the design of the table.

The relationship between the table's elements is about connections; Between two different worlds - between two different materials, shapes, textures, between two different temperatures, weights, masses, hues…

These differences result in one coherent whole, as the two lie within each other. The final product is simple, clean, and elegantly designed.

TED was issued in 2019 and is produced in Italy by Henge07.

Structure: black paint steel pipe .

Top: black burnished steel,burnished brass, black burnished brass.

Legs: leg 20 cm thickness in stone, leg 3.9cm thickness in black steel, burnished brass, black burnished brass.

Top photo 

Architecture by Orly Shrem

Photography by Amit Geron

video, bottom and middle photos on right

Courtesy of Henge07

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