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Peg is a slim bookcasing system. This bookcase is meant to accompany you for years. It is meant to grow, evolve and change, as you do.


Usually when storing your books, you put them into predetermined shelves, using the fixed sizes given. This is not the case with our Peg. Peg is meant to climb in all directions.  It provides freedom to spread out in various directions and different sizes. This way, you can make the optimal use of your space and your books. Its flowy appearance is achieved thanks to its continuous, rounded outline.

The system is composed of four modules. These are placed on pegs attached to the wall with screws. Each module is connected in different random spots, meant to resemble our inspiration: rock climbing.

The Peg bookcasing system comes in stainless steel or lacquered aluminum. Thanks to its changeable shape and its strong and lightweight material, it works with any content you decide to display on it.

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