Ramat Hasharon, Israel (2013)

private house, completed
havkin architects הילה חבקין אדריכלים
הילה חבקין אדריכלים havkin architects
הילה חבקין אדריכלים havkin architects
הילה חבקין אדריכלים havkin architects
הילה חבקין אדריכלים havkin architects

A house that is rising up from the garden and connects the clients back to the land. Big travellers they are, the house is a place for bringing home treasures from all over the world. The concept of the carpentry is to give opportunities to display and remember the many cultures and art, bringing back the memories that belong to the trips they did.

The garden is the most important thing for the clients, it is part of the house as unity. External spaces have been created that hold specific functions and atmospheres: the garden of the bath that is romantic and pastorali, the core garden that is like eating breakfast in Tiffany. Then there is a large garden for hosting and a garden that is like an outdoor lobby for everyone arriving. Next to the kitchen is a garden where fresh spices are grown. There are shaded outdoor workshops and even art is hanged on the walls throughout the gardens.

Some functions, like the master suite and an art workshop, are located in separately built volumes. Another important architectural element is the large roof that has become an extension of the garden by means of it’s curved shape and slate covering. It mimics the world of plants, it rises up from the soil and creates a contrast with the neat, white architecture. Eye contact between spaces is achieved by glassy transparencies and openings between floors.

Architecture :

Hilla Havkin

Peter P. Ausems









Photography :

Amit Geron