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furniture design

open competition



In order to promote awareness for recycling our idea is to present garbage as something valuable . It is placed in the heart of the furniture shown as a precious object

Garbage is considered to have no value, and for that reason usually neglected, but it has the ability to be reused multiple times

havkin architects
havkin architects
havkin architects
havkin architects

The aim was to design tables, chairs and benches for the visitors (children and adults) of the Hiriya recycling park, giving garbage a second life as raw materials and minimizing environmental damage.  

To emphasize the value of the Waste material and to involve its visitors and participants in the educational center we suggest to create a mold substance ( part of the usual recycling process of plastics for instance), which can shape  them into any form and then put in to a transparent folding box. This way the boxes turn into handmade objects. The making of the molds can be part of the workshops in the educational center.

 Creating modules which consist of only 3 different shapes which enables variety of possibilities to arrange and provokes  the creativity of the user. The modules can also be stacked and easily moved.

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