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Ramat Hasharon, Israel

private house, completed (2021)

B7 North elevation
b7 west
big hat
b7 north night
b7 pool at sunset
b7 stairs
b7 stairs
b7 overlooking the staircase
b7 eames and reflection
b7 room
b7 at night
b7 pool entrance
b7 entrance stairs
b7 gate
b7 handstand



We received this house without an identity.  It didn’t know what it wants to be.

Luckily, the owner is a dominant, opinionated lady.  Her highest priority was that it would have a core, both conceptually and practically.


The vertical staircase serves as the spine.  It is located in the center of the house, and the different functions circulate around it harmoniously.


On the entrance floor, each space is separate and independent, but they are all connected visually.  Each function has its own vegetation- the entrance with its welcoming plants; the kitchen has a herbal garden; the dining area overlooks the basement’s garden which grows and climbs upwards, creating a picturesque view; the living room opens up to pool in the huge balcony and looks out on the forest in the rear.


This connection between elements continues to the top floor, where once again all the functions surround the spinal staircase.  The movement between them creates an endless flow: The master bedroom connects to the walk-in closet that leads to the master bathroom, which is open to the outdoor jacuzzi, which is related to the laundry room which serves the other bedroom, that leads back to the master bedroom.


The house looks like a giant ship smoothly sailing through the grove.  The structure is elevated above ground, and is characterized by terraces overlooking the surrounding area.  The entrances, balconies and gardens- all look out on each other.


The concrete roof is laid on top of the house like an elegant wide-brimmed hat.  Looking from outside, one can see that the top floor’s ceiling continues this motif inside the house as well.  The black structure’s top part is dressed in a light striped “coat”.  These stripes are used again in the metal gates, and are repeated in the entrance floor’s interior, surrounding the core.  Thus, binding all the elements to one complete, definite, unmistakable identity.

Architecture :

Hilla Havkin,
Peter  P. Ausems,
Hristiyana Vassileva


Amit Geron

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