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Ramat Hasharon, Israel (2014)

multi-family house, built

Azar Garden is a matured public garden, interwoven in the urban fabric of Ramat Hasharon, Israel. Giant eucalyptuses and other trees create a scale and and a lush atmosphere that is shared with surrounding private houses.

Deep inside a building block, we are commissioned to design an apartment building that maximises the benefits of sitting on the border of Azar Garden: each of the 3 apartments have a full view and feel like they are part of the green. 

Two strong volumes anchor this building to the land: the elevator house and a larger volume that houses stairs and a fortified room, one for each apartment. Floors and roof are like crispy clean slices that are attached and hanging from the two anchors. In between, walls and large windows create elegant spaces, privacy, transparency and wide views, all in the right proportions.

Arriving home is through a narrow, green lane that leads to a lobby plus private parking, all covered by the landscaping of the gardens above. Starting from the lobby, an elevator will take the owner, or his guest, directly into the interior of his apartment, where a panoramic view awaits him. The planning of the ground floor apartment allows a more secluded, intimate family life plus full access to a privately landscaped garden. The character of the apartment on the second floor is panoramic: it has lofty spaces that connect with huge balconies. The penthouse apartment enjoys both the view on Azar Garden as well as on the Mediterranean Sea. Like a compass rose, this apartment is divided into quarters and opens up to all sides of the wind.

Architecture :

Hilla Havkin 

Peter P. Ausems

Hristiyana Vassileva

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